There is no help. The collapse of the front threatens wherever the Russians attack, the Ukrainians claim

There is no help. The collapse of the front threatens wherever the Russians attack, the Ukrainians claim
There is no help. The collapse of the front threatens wherever the Russians attack, the Ukrainians claim

The Russians will probably be able to penetrate the front line and cause it to collapse in some places, Denk quoted his sources as saying. According to him, it is not yet possible to predict on which front, going from Sumy and Kharkiv in the north and Odessa in the south, the Russians will attempt a breakthrough.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi soon warned that the Ukrainians would have to retreat slowly and that even large Ukrainian cities could fall to the Russians if the US Congress did not soon approve an aid package that Ukraine would be forced to rely on for several months.

But even American aid would not have to cost, Ukrainian military representatives believe. There is nothing that can help Ukraine at the present time, because there are no technologies available today that can compensate for the large mass of troops that Russia will probably throw at us. We don’t have such technology, and the West doesn’t have it in sufficient quantities either, one of its sources from the Ukrainian army told Politico.

Dismal prospects according to this source can turn down the determination and resilience of the Ukrainians or the mistakes made by Russia, as in cases where a large number of soldiers and equipment were lost in the past.

You could use drones a lot

According to Ukrainian officials, supplies of weapons from the West are late and in insufficient quantities. In this context, one of the newspaper’s sources recalled that the former commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian armed forces, Valery Zalunyi, pointed to the fact that the weapons systems were considered to be pelomov after a period of time losing their effectiveness, because Russian weapons were able to quickly adapt to them.

We used, for example, the Storm Shadow/SCALP spn zen stele, but only sparingly. Rusov is under u. Don’t give him a second chance, the newspaper’s source said.

we often reach weapon systems at a time when they are not relevant, shared another high-ranking military official, with the example of the American F-16 strikes. Ukrainian pilots are currently undergoing training to control this machine.

It is expected that the Ukrainian forces will be able to implement these strikes in 2018, noted Politico. Each weapon has its own time. The F-16s were in demand in 2023, they won’t be right for 2024, the Ukrainian initel said.

The Ukrainian official agrees that Ukraine now needs drones and storage facilities such as ammunition. Estimate that Ukraine would now need three million aircraft grants and two million drones. Several allies under the leadership of the Czech Republic are going to provide Ukraine with a grant of about 1.5 million dlostelecki in the near future, the paper recalled.

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