Pellegrini spoke of his one-hundred-meter apartment as “tiny”, infuriating Slovaks

Pellegrini spoke of his one-hundred-meter apartment as “tiny”, infuriating Slovaks
Pellegrini spoke of his one-hundred-meter apartment as “tiny”, infuriating Slovaks

Pellegrini somehow got caught in the trap set for him today by opposition politicians, ex-premier Igor Matovi. He published a video on Facebook at the villa of Hlas-SD MP Peter Nhlik in Bratislava, saying that his party member Pellegrini often used it and had seen it in the past in the role of buyer for the purchase. Then, when the topic of property came up in the presidential pre-election debate, the speaker of the parliament confirmed that the two had fun there.

And as for the house that the deputy owns, we can sometimes take it out if necessary. It’s quite practical considering that sometimes it’s nice to hang out with the dog and in the garden, and when there are relatives that my sister and I take care of on the farm, it’s better to go to such a space, not to be crowded in that small eighty-eight-meter apartment, he said . At that moment, his electoral rival, the diplomat Ivan Korok, jumped into his arms.

There is no better way to show your closeness to your work than to call your almost 90-meter apartment small.

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He asked if by that apartment he meant the suite in the luxury Zuckermandel complex, Pellegrini explained that he owned it five to six years ago when he became prime minister. Even with a terrace, the apartment is 108 square meters and the policy cost 410,000 euros (10.4 million crowns according to the price of the time). Yes, he had a quiet apartment, replied Pellegrini, he had no idea what kind of reaction it had caused. U Korok ironically told him that this is the same as flying to the region by private plane, just another speech of the people’s president.

First of all, his juice is presented in the campaign as a politician who, in the event of a win, will be the president of the people and not of the elites, non-profits and cafes. Pellegrini grappled with the fact that he would have to pay off the mortgage on this apartment for years, but at the end of the day, his age and his own life.

@gl_sk I couldn’t believe my own eyes: he doesn’t want to be pushed when his parents come to him, in a small 88 or 98-meter apartment… Kokso, how many families in SVK have such an “apartment”? Until the children left for their studies, the three of us were comfortable in about 80 m2. And poor Pelle is pushing himself in 90 m2… A true sociopath!


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