Bullet cameras with AI will report the offenses of others, you can have one too

Bullet cameras with AI will report the offenses of others, you can have one too
Bullet cameras with AI will report the offenses of others, you can have one too

How intelligence has influenced all areas of human life has been widely discussed in recent months. Now it is special, and surprisingly soon the car will settle on the glass windows. The new models of on-board cameras are, similar to airplane smartphones most of the time, equipped with the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen3 and MediaTek Dimensity 9300 processors, which are prepared for data processing using an artificial intelligence model. At the same time, the cameras are able to provide the same connectivity to 4G and 5G networks, if eSIM can be activated.

The image captured by the camera will not only be recorded, but because the camera will process artificial intelligence models, the details of the skin will be visible. What can they recognize in the morning before the vehicle? In the current version of the firmware, it should be speeding, not breaking the safe distance between vehicles, dangerous passing, driving on red lights, not using turn signals, not lighting up the contours and meeting the light when visibility is impaired, and not creating a safety lane in columns.

We test the models and detect the error in real operation for several years. But we had to have a de facto port with a powerful graphics card connected to the camera, or a very specialized one with FPGA chips, which of course made it impossible to deploy such a device commercially, explains Robert Larry from the company VA Labs, which developed and supplied the software for the cameras, and Note: The new ARM mobile chips are so powerful and energy efficient that we can handle the analytical image processing in the camera.

Automatically sent to the police

The camera captures a segment of the video (typically 15 seconds before and 15 seconds after the detected violation) with traffic noise, and automatically creates a protocol for it. This contains information for further processing, such as the exact time, coordinates from GPS/Galileo, the recognized license plate number of the vehicle, the driver who committed the offense, the license plate number of vehicles in the immediate vicinity and the changing speed of the vehicle is repeated by the system so that the trend is also visible, i.e. whether the vehicle accelerates, decelerates, or drives at a constant speed. The report also includes the category of the offense, the percentage of certainty of the AI ​​model with the verdict and the number of cameras.

The package created in this way (list and protocol) is encrypted in the camera according to the modified PQ3 code (yes, it is the same code that Apple used to secure communication with iMessage in Norway) and sent to the police servers. Violations are simply processed by the AI-PTV (Artificial intelligence Processing of Traffic Violations) system, and after being approved by the traffic violator, the owner of the vehicle is informed of the issuance of the fine in the traditional way. This degree of automation is not allowed by the current legislation.

A set of peak sensors was used for the tower AI model.

The Ministry of Transport fulfills the request to speed up the number of cameras. For now, we are talking about the possibilities, the proposal that the cameras could be given free of charge to those who have a certain point account and no more than 25 thousand kilometers at a time seems viable, said Valerie Novkov from the Section of Roads and Public Transport. However, we see it as a priority. We have a limited number of police patrols and static cameras, so they could write about the idea of ​​free roads, added Novkov. If there weren’t enough complaints, he laughed and rebutted: Safety on the roads is everyone’s concern, and let’s assume that there will be a lot of complaints, for example, among parents who want safe roads for their children.

In addition, those who join the program will receive a very high-quality camera, which in the event of an accident will be recorded in court and will be worth more than a bank dashcam report for the insurance company. In addition, the entire interior of the car will be able to use the Wi-Fi/5G hotspot, which the camera will create from its own connectivity.

He gave a shout

Given the development, the model of the skin can be seen in the updates of another recognized category.

At this moment, we are completing a test to detect a faulty parking lot in an urban environment, for example, a wall in the green, or an unpaved roadway necessary for the passage of IZS units on the highway and block charging of electric vehicles with vehicles that are not currently charged, or are not connected by a cable, under the blood of the near future Larry. The cameras will be updated over the air, i.e. the internet. Sets with a rear camera will also be available, which will then detect, for example, even an unobstructed distance from the vehicle with the camera (and not just other vehicles in the camera’s field of view).

The first citizens could receive the Bonzovac cameras from the Ministry of Transport in this quarter of the summer year. The marketing department didn’t stick with the final name of the project, so the workers call it AVBMR, i.e. April’s Adventure Without the Possibility of Realization.

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