The first patient with a chip in his brain spent the first nights after surgery playing video games


Until June 2016, Noland Arbaugh was an ordinary student and a gifted athlete, but a tragic accident at the foot changed his life forever. Although he survived, he was paralyzed from the shoulders down due to an irreversible knee injury with virtually zero chance of any recovery.

With the edge of Civilization, you don’t have to help Noland.

Even with these bleak prospects, thanks to his family and friends, Noland was able to maintain a life perspective and optimism, which helped him to become the first human patient ever to have an ip implanted in the brain by the company Neuralink, owned by the richest man in the world, Elon Musk (see link from Technet colleagues).

Two months after the successful operation, Noland talked on social media about the fact that he now has to control information technology by his own efforts. It’s a bit like I’m teasing Slu, joking a twenty-nine-year-old hottie with a reference to magical energy from the fictional universe of the Star Trek movies.

The principle of advanced technology really makes me feel like it’s science fiction, because of the huge amount of work. At this moment, the paralyzed young man can only move the cursor on the screen with his thoughts, even this makes his life easier in an enormous way. It should be so easy for you to play music or play acha, but you quickly learn complex wheels.

Noland manages to play even the late dynamite of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

When you gave me full control of Neuralink, one of the first things I did was stay up until six in the morning playing Civilization 6, laughing. He had known this game for a long time, but until now he needed the help of a bee to master his dream, now he has mastered it.

Civilization is a slow turn-based strategy game that takes a lot of time to fill each action, Noland says that it still has a lot of dynamism in the game.

Being able to play Mario Kart and repeatedly get to second place just a week after using Neuralink blew my mind, I didn’t think it was possible at all. It was great, even when they didn’t let anyone win, boasted Arbaugh, who, in addition to playing games, also taught you a foreign language.

He knows a lot of time, he is only at the end of a long journey and there is a lot of work ahead of him. However, it is certain that his life has changed drastically.

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