The 50 kroner discount in Lidl did not take place. Customers are furious


photo: Bára Richterová, Lidl

Whenever there is a mention on the social network of one of the supermarkets that the discount is only for holders of customer cards or coupons, criticism follows. Now the Lidl chain paid for it. The coupon for the fifty-crown discount was loaded only after the purchase was made.

Lidl prepared an event where it offered a discount of fifty crowns to those who bought at least 500 crowns. All you had to do was activate the coupon, load the card and the discount was deducted automatically. The event was valid for one day. Customers are already taught to look at the coupons in the application before paying, but many of them did not have any coupon for the mentioned discount there. It only appeared after paying for the purchase.

“Super deal when this arrives forty minutes after purchase. This is how marketing is done, how to put someone off,” mentioned a disgruntled customer whose post appeared as the most relevant on the seller’s profile.

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Dozens of others shared the same experience. “Fine thanks. Except for such a small thing that this coupon arrived in my application sometime after noon, after shopping at Lidl and after returning home about twenty kilometers from the nearest store,” wrote another.

“We are sorry for that. Maybe you’ll be lucky next time,” Lidl responded. He received dozens of angry smileys for his comment. In another comment, he then mentioned that he would be communicating with colleagues about better coupon timing.

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Customers also complained about Lidl’s bonus system as a whole. They say it only leads to the mobile app and the discounts are not loaded straight away, they have to be activated. Often, the discount is also conditional on a purchase for a certain amount, but the mention of which is easily overlooked. People are also calling for classic plastic cards, especially for the elderly who don’t have smartphones.

“It is interesting that a significant part of Lidl Plus users are customers over 65 years old. Of course, other offers listed in our flyers, which include hundreds of products at better prices every week, are still available to customers who do not use the app,” the chain replied.

Customers will not receive plastic cards.

“We didn’t want it to be just another plastic card project in a row, but an innovative approach and a broader purpose,” Lidl mentioned to

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