Airlines are gradually returning to Israel. The break cost them millions

Airlines are gradually returning to Israel. The break cost them millions
Airlines are gradually returning to Israel. The break cost them millions

Airlines are boarding with that time delay, not even the airline Smartwings. It renewed the air connection between Prague and Tel Aviv on November 1, 2024, and the line is operating daily, company spokesperson Vladimra Dufkov told

Wizz Air said in Wednesday that it had resumed its flights to Israel from the six European flights it had suspended. During the following months, it plans to resume operations on other routes due to a number of suspended routes, which will also include flights to Tel Aviv. At first the portal The Guardian claimed.

British Airways resumed flights to Ben Gurion in Tel Aviv on Monday, but the flight was limited to one connection a day, three days a week. EasyJet resumed flights to Israel on the 25th of May, swinging full to its scheduled flight schedule. These low-cost airlines recently announced that the crisis at the Black Sea Gate has cost more than £40 million (K1 billion).

Vlka no The low-cost company Ryanair was also unluckily caught near the entrance. She revealed in the middle that she had to lose 950 years of her life since her love. Lines to fly Ben Gurion were temporarily restored by Nora, but at the end of the month they stopped again after a dispute over which terminal to use. Ryanair also felt that the non-consolidated Terminal 1 was closed for flights, so the airline had to use Terminal 3 there.

Virgin on the way out of debt

Representatives of the Virgin Atlantic company said that the carrier plans to resume flights to Israel this year. After a long discussion, we made a joint decision to extend our summer flight to Tel Aviv and beyond until the 4th of 2024, the airlines said.

We sincerely apologize to our customers for the inconvenience caused and we will contact everyone affected. Discuss the options with them, including changing the reservation to a later date or refunding the pension in full, the carrier added.

Two years ago, Virgin Atlantic published its annual summary. It posted a loss of £139m (K3.7bn) for the year to 31 December. This is set against a loss of £206m (K5.6bn) in 2022. The company said it had returned to profitability in its fifth year.

The ongoing losses are largely due to years of savings from loans taken during the pandemic and a debt of over £100m (K2.7bn) due to be paid back in 2023, the company’s financial editor Oliver Byers concluded, according to The Guardian.

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