DM Drugstore in trouble. Closes stores unexpectedly. An ugly thing happened

DM Drugstore in trouble. Closes stores unexpectedly. An ugly thing happened
DM Drugstore in trouble. Closes stores unexpectedly. An ugly thing happened

Although at first glance it may seem that some companies are thriving very well and have absolutely no problems, in reality the situation may be different. dm Drogerie is considered very successful and popular in the Czech Republic. It offers a number of products originating in Germany, and although it sells them at significantly higher prices than its neighbors, people like them.

The shops are closing

However, Dm Drogerie has now announced the closure of some of its stores. This is happening in Slovakia, where it is beginning to limit its sales network. Questions immediately arose as to whether the whole thing would also concern the Czech Republic. The company commented rather vaguely and did not confirm any of the possible variants. However, the statement indicates that similar steps are indeed being considered in the Czech Republic.

We intend to continue with projects that are based on our strategy, and we are investing in the regeneration of our existing stores and we are also thinking about optimizing the network,” said drugstore spokesperson Jiří Peroutka for the server.

Apparently, the closures will affect a larger number of stores and may therefore continue. In Slovakia, “dmko” ended up, for example, in such cities as Ružomberok or Bánská Bystrica. Some drugstore branches in Bratislava also closed the shop.

There is new competition

At the same time, Dm Drogerie expanded very quickly in both markets and did not seem to want to stop there. At the same time, together with the competing chains Teta and Rossmann, it essentially divided the market. Recently, however, a strong Polish player, Hebe, has entered the Czech Republic, selling both online and starting to open brick-and-mortar branches.

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However, the difficulties of Pepco, which suddenly ended up in insolvency in Austria and announced that it will close all 73 stores there, show that some traditional chains may not have a bed of roses. As it turns out, decisions like these can come very quickly.

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