Preissa’s tender confession to her husband: 20 years together


Their relationship went through many vicissitudes and burdensome tests. They met, as it happens with actors, in the theater. They were engaged for a long time, tried many productions, but both were engaged at the time. Nevertheless, the proverbial spark jumped between them, which grew into great love. In 2005, Martina Preissová divorced and started with Martin Preiss live, he ended his first marriage three years later. They then said their “yes” in 2009… and have been a stable couple ever since.

And surprisingly, despite the fact that their relationship was not a bed of roses from the beginning – Martin’s parents, actors Jan (76) and Victor (77) Preiss, at first they discouraged their son from his choice. “Our people didn’t want her. They thought I was going to suffocate or something. And that in her case I think with something other than my brain. That’s how they saw it. She was so exotic and so dangerous looking.” confided many years later in 7 falls of Honza Dędek Martin. In the end, the mother-in-law and father-in-law took a liking to Martina.

Martina Preissová lives with three men! Lucia Veselá

Not to mention, she supported her husband when he suffered from alcohol addiction and severe depression. Even though it was her, Martin almost took his own life because of it. “We talked on the phone and she said in an emotional tone that if I don’t enjoy life and want to get drunk, then let me get myself together and go straight to the forest to hang myself. And I said yes, and I really left the house.” Martin described the dark moments. When his wife returned home and did not find Martin there, she alerted the police.

The actor then spent a week in a psychiatric hospital and then in an anti-alcohol sanatorium – and since then, as they say, he has been clean. And their love is still stable. After all, Martina was able to do that even on their anniversary. “It started exactly 20 years ago on April Fool’s Day. We are each other’s hard nut, but also soft arms,” she summed up their coexistence briefly but matter-of-factly on the social network and attached a black-and-white picture in which she cuddles up to her man with an equally beaming expression with a wide smile.

Martina and Martin Preiss celebrated 20 years of relationship

Martina and Martin Preiss celebrated 20 years of relationship

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