The male version of Shopaholic Adel: the elderly streamer has taken over the scepter of the bizarre

The male version of Shopaholic Adel: the elderly streamer has taken over the scepter of the bizarre
The male version of Shopaholic Adel: the elderly streamer has taken over the scepter of the bizarre

Streamer Jan Brunclík has recently been trending on social networks more than ever before. According to some people on the networks, he even becomes the second Shopaholic Adel. A well-known streamer going by the nickname Haiset also spoke about it. According to him, his reaction videos to him on YouTube are starting to reach the same viewership as reactions to Adel. Brunclík is known for his rather extroverted behavior in public, where he is not shy about telling almost anyone what is on his heart and mind. His streams are all the more lively and bizarre.

Recently, Brunclík confided that he was thinking about the transition. He said that he has two personalities: Jan Brunclík, as most of his followers already know him, and Iva Brunclíková. He describes himself as a non-binary person. However, this does not go well with his statement that he has two personalities. “This is how people who do not feel exclusively male or female identify themselves,” Kateřina Stachová describes non-binary identity in her bachelor’s thesis. People on the networks usually do not condemn Brunclík’s identity, gender, or his orientation. According to them, he is just confused in concepts and probably a little confused in himself.

On his Instagram, he has now confided to his follower that he plans to have his penis removed as well. According to the psychiatrists contacted by, it is very difficult to determine and comment on such things. “That’s a broad term because it can be something within the surface personality, it can be a serious mental illness where the person has a split personality. It is difficult to comment on this. I would have to see that with my own eyes.” psychiatrist Miroslav Skačáni told the editorial staff of

March 29, 2024 at 4:51 a.m. Post Archived: April 3, 2024 at 12:30 p.m.

Shopaholic Adel has reigned over the bizarre influencer scene in our country for a long time now. However, she has not been making as many breakthroughs lately and is gradually falling into oblivion. Brunclík seems to be taking her place as the queen of bizarre TikTok at the moment. In recent weeks, he has drawn attention to himself several times with his behavior, more and more often at the Anime Coffee and Secondhand Bar, which is owned by a well-known wrestler from Clash of the Stars who calls herself Playstation Princess.

Now again in the same bar, he drew attention to himself on the stream when he got close to a young man in it. At first they were just having fun as friends. As time went by, they started getting closer and closer until they had their first kiss. “But your goats are nice. A first like me,” says Brunclík to the young man after kissing him passionately. Towards the end, there was a scene that confused almost every viewer. It seemed as if the young man was satisfying Brunclík under the table, out of view of the camera.

March 23, 2024 at 9:33 pm, Post Archived: April 3, 2024 at 12:32 pm

This apparently really happened, as he later confirmed it himself. However, there should not have been any physical contact on the body, he allegedly only caressed it through his clothes. Brunclík claims the opposite. According to him, oral sex was supposed to happen. “You smoked my dick. Don’t lie!” writes Brunclík on the Haiset stream, who interviewed the young man from the fateful evening at the Anime bar. Now nicknamed the “cat boy” on the networks, he seems to regret the evening he spent with Brunclík. Brunclík did not comment on the whole matter until the publication of the article to the editors of

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