Younger teenagers beat Olomouc, the great B-team won 7:0

Younger teenagers beat Olomouc, the great B-team won 7:0
Younger teenagers beat Olomouc, the great B-team won 7:0

2/4/2024, Editorial Board

The juniors managed a difficult match against Sigma Olomouc and won 3:0. The B-team beat Robstav 7-0 and have not yet conceded in the spring. Senior pupils went to the Netherlands for a tournament. Recall the results of the youth in the summary article.

The B-Team

SK Slavia Prague vs. FK Robstav 7:0 (4:0)

Lineup: Sirotník – Trédl, Behenský, Konečný (46. David Pech), Zachoval – Hájek, Dominik Pech (59. M. Pudil), Jelínek – A. Pudil (59. Sy), Škoda (59. Rama), Ogungbayi (69. D. Toula)

Goals: 3. Behenský, 20. Škoda, 37. Zachoval, 45. Ogungbayi, 62. David Pech, 66. and 76. Rama

Evaluation of coach David Střihavka: Robstav took 4 points from Domažlice during the season and gave us four goals in the fall. We had respect from this match. Eventually such a result will be born. It shows that every member of the team can play in the starting line-up. The implementation team and I are dealing with the fact that we are not playing so well in the last matches. Today we kicked out unnecessarily and lost a lot of balls. On the other hand, we are more direct, we get into more dangerous situations, defensively we are strong, stable, and above all, we are highly effective in the end. The score for the last four games is exceptional.


SK Slavia Prague vs. SK Sigma Olomouc 1:1 (1:0)

Lineup: Tomas – Boledovič, Hanzelka, Mervard, Herák – Naskos (71. Franěk), Zamazal, Dufek (78. Koffi) – Palán (63. Teterya), Pikolon, Lacko (63. Jinoch Jan)

Goals: 22. Piccolo

Evaluation of coach Milan Titěra: Again we lost z points only because of a desperate ending. The first half, absolute game dominance, from which we extracted only one goal from a corner and we did not let the opponent even get a shot. In the second half, we were unable to score a decisive goal against the opponent, who concentrated only on defense. Olomouc used a single situation to equalize. In the last 15 minutes, we didn’t even use the power play to score the winning goal.


SK Slavia Prague vs. SK Sigma Olomouc 3:0 (2:0)

Lineup: Dostalík – Kolísek, Kočvara, Slončík (66. Korenc), Beran – Čížek, Hubička, Filippov (66. Adam) – Belžík, Németh (66. Kumpan), Kolářík (77. Obdržálek)

Goals: 36. Filippov, 44. Čižek, 90. Obdržalek

Evaluation of coach Jaroslav Machač: First we were on grass, so it wasn’t an ideal performance. In addition, we had a lot of guys after health problems or big minutes at rep meetings. We had the wrong expectation that the fourth Sigma, which is trailing behind the first three, will play fair with us and we will see a good youth match. Unfortunately, the opposite was true and we conquered the guests playing in the block. The first half was played in one half and it was a matter of time whether we would prevail. We didn’t play very fast, we often held the ball, but when we sped up the game with movement and touches, chances and goals came from beautiful actions. In the second half, Sigma was more daring, so the game spilled over. The guests even created a few chances, but we scored the goal at the end, when our goalkeeper, who sometimes jumped in the field, made a breakthrough.


SK Slavia Prague vs. FK VIAGEM Ústí nad Labem 7:1 (2:0)

Lineup: Suchý – Chadima, Kratochvíl, Barčot, Baroš (41. Pancíř) – Ilinčić (41. Mašek), Srb (41. Zadorozhnii), Kupera – Filip (41. Svoboda), Procházka, Belžík

Goals: 2x Walk, 2x Zadorozhnii, Filip, Armor, Mask

Evaluation of coach Jakub Glance: I have to praise the opponent for trying to play combination football and for the well-managed transition phase of the game. Quality on the ball, decision-making, solving situations, finishing, we were clearly better in all of that today and the difference in the score is deserved. In the second half, we overplayed some situations unnecessarily, but otherwise everyone played a very good game.


Tournament Holland

SK Slavia Prague – RSC Anderlecht 0:3
SK Slavia Prague – Go Ahead Eagles 1:2
SK Slavia Prague – AZ Alkmaar 0:2
SK Slavia Prague – SV Epe U15 5:0
SK Slavia Prague – VfL Wolfsburg 2:2
SK Slavia Prague – Odense BK 1:0 pp
SK Slavia Prague – KRC Genk 1:5

Evaluation of coach Pavel Němek: On the first day, we didn’t manage to build, we weren’t good with the ball at our feet and we had a lot of technical imperfections. We were very weak, but mainly without the ball. We played too spread out, had no rebounds and had poor organization of the game. On the second day, the performances were significantly better. We also had huge problems with injuries throughout the tournament.

U14 + U13

SK Slavia Prague vs. FK VIAGEM Ústí nad Labem U14 7:2 (4:0)

Lineup: Vlasák – Kopřiva, Kočí, Kléma – Dvořák (50. Rigoci), Rakár, Petrović, Skopec (65. Javůrek), Suchý (41. Šíma) – Rusyn (65. Vavrla), Všečka (41. Pěnkava)

Goals: 3x Všetečka, 2x Petrović, Rakár, Pěnkava

Evaluation of coach David Pilara: After a long time, the boys played a match on a large field without the possibility of hockey substitutions and the addition of U14 players. The match started very well for us, when Všetečka made his mark right at the beginning with an uncatchable shot from a free kick. Subsequently, we created a lead, but the result did not correspond to the game. Ústí also had scoring opportunities, but they were unable to convert them. In the match, we played well through our central players, where you could see good rebounding, offer and cooperation. Among other things, the players had the task of advancing again from the wing areas. Praise goes to the whole team, how they handled the game despite a small setback in the second half. But it was not an easy match at all, as the result might seem.


FK Meteor Prague U13 vs. SK Slavia Prague 19:2

Lineup: Vohralik, Škorpil – Botnari, Hošek, Lžíčar, Pokorný, Paur, Ficl, Freimann, Háječek, Chlumský, Jozífek, Podhorský

Goals: 2x Freimann

Coach Tomáš Wolf’s assessment: It was an unreasonable challenge for the boys today. Meteor had the vast majority of players who were physically very advanced. Combined with a big pitch, two thirds playing against the wind and a big goal, it was very difficult for the boys. I can’t say that we played badly or that the guys wrapped it up in their heads. Gradually we tried to play more passes, less touches and more one on one. Some constructions were very successful. We lacked greater cooperation of at least three players at once, which the boys are not so used to. Overall, unfortunately, it was more of a fitness training for us.


FK Meteor Prague U12 vs. SK Slavia Prague 3:7

Goals: 2x Nesvadba, Pudlik, Eliáš, Aminu, Kalik, Pavlíček V.

Coach Daniel Vilhelm’s assessment: A large pitch and few substitutes meant a lot of hard work for our boys. From the beginning, we played with determination to win fights and outplay our opponents with quality on the ball. At the very beginning, we managed to score the first goal from the box, but after that we did not manage to convert many chances, so the first period ended 1:0. We went into the second with the same set-up, but our error meant an easy equaliser. We conceded a second time after that and our determination and confidence faded. After the loss in construction, we got a third goal and the score was 1:3. We had speeches to the players during the break, which got into the heads of the players and things started to happen. Quick cut, tie, spin and final score 7-3. With the goals came more good actions, good combinations, more great chances and, on the contrary, the fatigue left.


SK Slavia Prague vs. SK Dynamo Ceske Budejovice U11

Evaluation of coach Petr Bystričan: Good match with high intensity of play. We were more on the ball throughout the match, but unfortunately the opponent punished us after a quick transition to the counterattack. Great success one on one and then a quick exit. The boys evaluated game situations well, when to pass and when to go alone. We also used the pitch size well. We were weaker at the end, had bad first touches, and when it opens up for us, the boys are still looking for a pass into the empty goal. We also lacked the movement of leading players.

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