Holidays, school is closed. Returning home was an adventure for the eight-year-old girl


An eight-year-old girl from the village near Zlín went to school on March 28, when other children were enjoying the Easter holidays. When she found out the school was closed, she walked home. She had ten kilometers to go.

Zlín City Police. illustrative photo

| Photo: Deník / Jan Karásek

Shortly after 11:30 a motorist who was driving through Štípa, a local part of Zlín, called the police in Zlín. He noticed a small child walking alone across the field, unaccompanied.

He stated that he did not address the child so that she would not be afraid of him. They agreed with the operations officer that he would wait at the scene until the patrol arrived.

The wind in the Zlín region felled trees and tore sheets from roofs

Ten minutes later, the police were on the scene. “The little girl told them that she and her mother did not realize that the Easter holidays had already started, and that she had just forgotten her mobile phone at home,” described the deputy director of the Zlín Municipal Police, Pavel Janík.

When the little pupil found out that the school was closed, she went home on her own. Fortunately, she didn’t have to pedal the whole way.

Conscious girl

“The little girl told the officers that she would never get into the official vehicle of the city police, because she knows very well that she is not allowed to get into a car with strangers,” continued Janík.

Fortunately, she knew the phone number of her mother, which the patrol could call. Only after the mother’s assurance that she was not in any danger from the policemen, the little girl got in and the patrol took her home. It was still about five kilometers.


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