Our cities are at capacity after the influx of refugees, the Bavarian minister said after meeting with the Austrian


Reform of the European asylum and migration policy is necessary, the Austrian said after the meeting.

“We want to solve the problems even before they are transferred to the territory of the European Union,” said the Czech Minister of the Interior. He called the Schengen area without border controls a jewel, according to the Austrian, we shouldn’t get used to situations where border controls return.

Joachim Herrmann mentioned Bavaria’s experience with migration. “In the last year, we have experienced a large influx of additional refugees, many municipalities and cities have reached the limit of their capacities,” said the Bavarian Minister of the Interior.

According to him, the protection of the EU’s external borders is not enough, efforts should also be made to ensure that unsuccessful asylum seekers return home. According to Herrmann, all asylum proceedings should take place at the external borders of the European Union.

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When asked by Novinek, both ministers commented on whether the asylum procedure should be moved outside the territory of the European Union. This is what Italy is striving for in its treaty with Albania.

Two centers with a capacity of up to 3,000 people should be created in Albania, where it will be possible to place migrants picked up by Italian Coast Guard and Navy ships during rescue operations at sea

“The Albanian prime minister visited Bavaria in January this year, I talked to him about it. In the course of the next two or three months, I would like to visit Albania directly to learn more about this project,” said Joachim Herrmann.

“As the Czech Republic, we are very active in searching for those new concepts that contain this external element. From the beginning, we are in the group of states that want to present the results of these negotiations at a conference in Copenhagen in May,” answered Vít Rakušan.

“The new treaties must mean an incentive for individual states, they must bring humanitarian, political and economic aid and support. Of course, then we can talk about the fact that these third countries would help us with various processes and proceedings in territories outside the European Union,” the Czech minister added.

According to him, there should not be competition and competition between EU states, the solution should be common at the level of the European Union.

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