The Prague Stock Exchange and the PX index. How stocks are doing at home

PX index and current value

The PX index reached its historically highest values ​​in 2007. But this was followed by a sharp drop as a result of the global economic crisis. The decline due to the coronavirus shock in March 2020 was similarly dramatic. Even thanks to the exceptionally relaxed policy of central banks, the domestic stock market quickly erased its losses at the time.

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Prague Stock Exchange: summary of the last trading day

Today, the index of the Prague Stock Exchange fell by 1.16 percent to 1136.73 points, thus closing at the lowest level since May 20 last year. The main reason was the weakening of the shares of the energy company ČEZ. This follows from data on the stock exchange website. The PX index falls for the fourth day in a row.

ČEZ securities fell by 3.95 percent to 911 crowns. “They closed the lowest since the end of March this year,” pointed out Wood & Company analyst Vojtěch Boháč. Shares of the semi-state energy group are being pressured by indications of upcoming measures that should be introduced at the level of the European Union to manage the energy crisis, said Fio bank analyst David Brzek.

Another seven out of ten issues, which have an influence on the value of the stock market index, closed today’s trading in the red. The most significant decline affected the shares of Photon Energy, which deals with the construction of solar power plants. They closed trading at the price of 60.60 crowns, which represented a decrease of 4.11 percent.

The shares of Kofola and Zbrojovka Colt CZ did not do well either. Securities of the beverage company fell by more than 2.5 percent to 269 crowns. The arms manufacturer’s emissions weakened by 1.48 percent.

Austrian banking group Erste was the only major gainer today. Their price increased by 0.69 percent to 554.40 crowns per piece. “Erste strengthened despite the negative sentiment in the Western European banking sector,” said Boháč.

Two other bank titles traded in Prague, Komerční banka and Moneta, finished today in the red. The first of them wrote off 0.52 percent, the second fell by 1.21 percent.

Shares of the pharmaceutical chain Pilulka Lékárna resisted the decline today, but they only stagnated at Friday’s rate.

PX index and its base*


The originally Czech cyber security company on the Prague Stock Exchange will end. The reason is its takeover by the American company NortonLifeLock. The connection is supposed to cost about 190 billion crowns.

Česká zbrojovka Group

Uherskobrodský holding attracted the attention of investors especially by taking over the American company Colt Holding Company.


Energy company with a 70 percent state share. Investors expect relatively high dividends due to sharply rising electricity prices.

Erste Group Bank

Austrian banking group operating, among other things, in the Czech Republic through Česká spořitelna. Investors hope that a possible increase in interest rates in the eurozone and the Czech Republic will help the group’s financial results.

Kofola Czech Republic

Founded in 2021, the beverage group builds on, among other things, the pre-revolutionary popularity of the Kofola drink.

Commercial Bank

A subsidiary of the French financial group Société Générale.

Money Bank coin

The fourth largest bank in the Czech Republic is one of the most profitable stocks on the Prague Stock Exchange. However, Moneta’s business wants to take over PPF groups.

Philip Morris CR

The Philip Morris International subsidiary is betting more and more on its heated tobacco product. It is said to be a less harmful variant of smoking.

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Photon Energy

The solar company was included in the PX index on March 22, 2021.

Stock Spirits Group

In addition to the Czech Republic, the British distillate manufacturer also operates in Poland, Italy and Slovakia.

Vienna Insurance Group

The Viennese insurance group is one of the largest in Central and Eastern Europe.

*As of September 20, 2021

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