Ex-president Zeman was released from the hospital – Seznam Zpravy

Ex-president Zeman was released from the hospital – Seznam Zpravy
Ex-president Zeman was released from the hospital – Seznam Zpravy

Doctors released former President Miloš Zeman from the Motol University Hospital in Prague to home care today. Hospital director Miloslav Ludvík said at a press conference at 2 p.m. that Zeman left the hospital a few moments ago. The former president was hospitalized for 20 days after developing a blood clot that cut off his leg. According to the doctors, he can still be described as a fragile patient, but they are satisfied with the development of his health.

“The current laboratory findings are favorable, the ex-president is able to walk in a walker and his condition is improving. Treatment and a care plan for the following period have been set,” reads the hospital’s press release, which was read by Lucie Valentová Bartáková, deputy director for curative and preventive care, at the press conference.

After the procedure, the doctors had to perform so-called fasciotomies on the 79-year-old Zeman, who suffers from diabetes, due to leg swelling, i.e. cut the muscle covers in two places. After several days of hospitalization, both wounds were able to gradually close. However, blood clots in the legs can also recur, which doctors try to prevent with prescribed treatment.

“Our goal is for him to return to at least the same ability to walk as before,” said Pavel Kolář, head of the Department of Rehabilitation and Physical Education Medicine of the 2nd Faculty of Medicine of Charles University (2nd Faculty of Medicine UK) and FN Motol. According to him, Zeman will not go to Slovakia before Friday’s elections, as he previously announced.

On Wednesday, the former president was released to home care, according to Kolář, he will have a check-up later this week. “The emphasis will be mainly on rehabilitation. We believe that Mr. President will soon be able to return to the normal regime as before his hospitalization,” Boris Šťastný, an attending physician from the Respimed clinic, whose doctors and home care nurses are taking care of Zeman, told ČTK.

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