The Novo – Slovan derby was not played due to an insult, it ended in emotions even in Lhota

The Novo – Slovan derby was not played due to an insult, it ended in emotions even in Lhota
The Novo – Slovan derby was not played due to an insult, it ended in emotions even in Lhota

The end of the match in Lhota brought a lot of emotions. Denys Danylych scored a truly lucky win for the home team with a cheap goal in the 87th minute, the guests lost the suspended goalkeeper Mario Kolumbić, but what upset them even more was the disallowed goal in the last minute to make it 2:2. The home team celebrates and are closer to salvation, while the guests, on the other hand, are wilting after a decent fall.

Lhota took the lead soon after a combination finished by Chvojka, but then drowned in inaccuracies, Slavoj gained the upper hand and equalized before the break thanks to Houha, who remained free after a corner in a small area.

In the second half, it seemed that no one would score, football was rather crying. In the 84th minute, however, Slavoj made a mistake. Goalkeeper Kolombič did not understand his teammates during the play-off, Chvojka robbed them of the ball and Kolombič mercilessly shot him down. Referee Stejskal gave him a red card, so substitute Hrbáček had to go into goal. And he didn’t get off to a happy start, because from the awarded penalty he burned it with a cheap shot in the middle under the crossbar of Danylych.

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But subsequently Lhota threw away two breaks and in the end collected from Kolbaba after a penalty kick. However, the assistant referee was clear that the match ended in rather unpleasant scenes due to the offside, and thus understandably much to the displeasure of the guests.

“Even I don’t feel the same about the win, it wasn’t the same. We gave a rather troubled performance and the guests’ mistakes at the end helped us in the decision, they were really cheap. In the end, however, three points count and we’ll see what happens next,” Lhota coach Petr Cais commented on the match.

Visiting Tomáš Abrham – even though his team had to bite the referees’ statements with which he did not agree, even in the second round of the spring. “Unfortunately, football also brings this. Whether it was offside or not, it’s hard to say, I wasn’t on that line. But our guys were convinced that he wasn’t and even the home team looked surprised,” said Abrham, according to whom the team is also brought down by things he can influence. “Mario didn’t come to the match last time, because of that our big support Martin Kaválek and other guys got injured. In addition, we made the mistake there, even though Mario said that the referee passed the ball to him and suddenly the home player runs there, takes the ball and goes to the empty goal. Then he had to interrupt him. And I don’t blame the young goalkeeper Hrbáček, he went there undetected,” added Tomáš Abrham conciliatoryly.

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