The first ELD finalist is Pardubice! The defense of the Vars kept hope |


The joy of the juniors of Karlovy Vary from the third semi-final | Photo: Ronald Hansel, Junior hockey

The Youth Extraliga knows its first finalist. Pardubice Dynamo managed even the third game and advanced to the final playoff series in the shortest possible time. Mladá Boleslav could have done the same thing, but they did not score once on their ice, so Energie is still in the game.

Macek sent Dynamo to the final with a hat trick

Dynamo brought two overtime wins to their ice, and thus a 2-0 lead for the matches. Pardubice did not hesitate even at home, this time also thanks to a hat trick

Vit Macek

attacker, 17 years old

” href=”″>Víta Mack won by a larger margin.

The Steelers tried to turn their activity into a goal at the beginning of the match, but on the contrary, it was the home team Dynamo who opened the scoring and eventually conquered the first period. He took advantage of the pressure in front of the Třinec goal


Stephen Lempach

attacker, 16 years old

” href=”″>Štěpán Lempach and one minute and 23 seconds later, Macek made his mark for the first time in the game.

In the balanced second period, not a single goal was scored and in the 46th minute he reduced the loss of his team from a power play


Antonín Karas

attacker, 16 years old

” href=”″>Antonín Karas.

However, no one else has beaten the Pardubice goalie. On the contrary, it was Macek again who sent Dynamo into a two-goal lead again. In the very end, the Steelers had no choice but to play the game without a goalie, despite the expulsion in their own ranks. Macek completed his hat trick with a shot into the empty net.

Pardubice thus became the first participant in the final series of the youth Extraliga, and in a rather sensational way. However, they will have to wait for their opponent.

Vojtěch Faltys (coach of Pardubice): “We are very happy that we were productive in the first period and led 2-0. We still had two or three other big scoring opportunities that we didn’t convert. Otherwise, the third was good from the half, even in terms of games. The second part did not go well for us at all. Although we created some opportunities in the offensive zone, we held the puck too much and we voluntarily let Třinec into chances because we were passing the puck to him. During the break, we reminded the boys what and how, although of course he knows it. In the third period, we improved significantly, but at the end of our weakening, the opponent reduced the score to 2:1. I’m glad that we didn’t get completely nervous and kept playing the same way. Then we scored a very important goal to make it 3:1, which calmed us down. And despite some other exclusions at the end of the match, we took care of it and scored an empty net. So kudos to the team for the whole series. The matches in Třinec were very balanced. We had more opportunities during the matches, but they were better mainly in the final minutes of the duels. Both goalkeepers were an important factor, with Matěj Tuláček supporting us a lot in every game. That’s a necessary part of performance in the playoffs. I also want to highlight a lot of important goals by Vito Mack, whose hard work after injury paid off. Key moments were also the decisive goals of captain Tomáš Rolinka in extra time. Overall, the hockey in the series was very competitive. And we are already looking forward to the final.”


Goals and saves: 13. Lempach (Sekanina), 14. Macek (Rolinek, Krčál), 51. Macek (Křečan), 58. Macek (Krčál, Ruml) – 46. Karas (Řípa, Byrtus).
Referee: Wagner, Zavřel – Maštalíř, Brož.
Exclusion: 5:5, plus Holub (Třinec) 10 minutes.
Use: 0:1.
Shots on goal: 37:28 (14:6, 11:11, 12:11).
Spectators: 210.
Series Final Status: 3:0.

Photo: Ronald Hansel, Junior hockey

Boleslav did not succeed without a goal, Vary keeps hope alive

Mladá Boleslav, like Pardubice, could have ended the series in the third game, but the semi-final between Bruslař and Energia will surely reach at least the fourth game. Otherwise, the offensive teenagers from Mladá Boleslav could not find the recipe for the Karlovy Vary goalkeeper at all


Michal Oršulak

goalkeeper, 16 years old

” href=”″>Michal Oršulák, who stopped all 42 home shots.

Karlovy Vary thus won the match on the opponent’s ice with zero behinds and lowered the series status.

He opened the state of the lively game shortly before the end of the first period


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