Ukrainian families are preparing for winter: their houses are shot up, they live in sheds

Nadija had to give up her house already at the beginning of March, when, according to her own words, she was “literally carried out” by Russian soldiers. They subsequently settled in the house themselves. Two weeks later, on March 18, it was completely demolished. The house that Nadia’s parents built with their own hands, it burned within 20 minutes after a Russian munition exploded next to it.

Nadija did not receive a subsidy from the state for house repairs, so her friends from Andrijivka are helping her prepare the garage for the winter months. The woman is temporarily staying in a container donated to her by volunteers in April. There is enough space for a bed in the so-called doghouse, the rest of his things are stacked against the walls. Although she managed to bring electricity to the container from a source, it is completely disconnected from gas and water.

Life in a shed and the promise of a new house

In nearby Buča, husband and wife Teťána and Valerij are facing a similar problem. The Russians destroyed their garage in early March, after which the couple decided to flee the city. The decision to leave their home saved both of their lives because a Russian rocket hit the house a few weeks later. All that remains of the building is rubble, which the couple is now gradually clearing away. They will build a brand new house on the property.

“Debris was everywhere. On the road, in the garden,” described Teťána for The Guardian server. They returned to Buča at the beginning of April. “We ran away in just sweatpants. When we came back we found we had no plates, no cutlery, nothing.’

Teťána was engaged in business before the war, but now she spends all her time on construction. “We got 20 years younger because we have another 20 years to rebuild everything,” he says optimistically. Teťána and Valerij now live in a garden shed, to which they, like Nadije, managed to bring electricity.

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A woman described life in a container:

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