Zelenskyy openly says when the Russians may launch a major offensive

Zelenskyy openly says when the Russians may launch a major offensive
Zelenskyy openly says when the Russians may launch a major offensive
  • The Ukrainian president warns of a major Russian offensive. Is it real? And when?
  • What weapons is he most interested in now? The Americans may already be secretly supplying them to him.
  • The Russians believed the Kremlin’s propaganda that Kiev was behind the terrorist attack near Moscow.
  • How many soldiers are the Russians recruiting every month to cover their massive losses?
  • The Ukrainians repulsed a large armored attack, the Russians lost 20 vehicles.
  • Chart of the day: What new territory did the Russians occupy in March?
  • Videos of the day: Ukrainians attack alleged drone factory; hit by a French bomb in the village of Toneňke.

The information in this text is a summary of events for Monday, April 1. The situation may be different in some places.

In recent days, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi described the scenario, which threatens Ukraine if the United States does not unblock the promised $60 billion in military aid. He added a warning about the threat of a new Russian offensive that could come as early as this year. It would mean going back and retreating one step at a time, he says.

What is Zelensky afraid of? “Without US support, we won’t have air defense, Patriot missiles, electronic warfare jammers, 155mm artillery rounds,” he said in an interview with the Washington Post, taking a piece of paper and drawing a small graph.

If you need eight thousand bullets a day to defend the front line and you only have two thousand, according to Zelensky, it is necessary to count on the fact that the Russians can get to the big cities. If we do not take new steps and prepare a new counter-offensive, the Russians will do it, the Ukrainian president warns.

Developments could indicate this. In recent weeks, the Russians have intensified missile and drone attacks on Ukrainian cities, significantly hit the energy infrastructure and exhausted Ukrainian air defenses, which the Ukrainians lack even on the front. During the attacks on March 22 and 29 alone, five of the six power plants of the largest private electricity supplier, DTEK, were severely damaged.

Could the Russian Federation use this pressure on the Ukrainians, together with summer weather without mud and with delayed American (and European) help, for a bigger offensive?

When can the offensive come according to Zelensky, the Economist and Commander Pavlyuk. According to the Ukrainian president, the Russian Federation could launch an offensive

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