Botswana threatens to send 20,000 elephants to Germany. She dislikes the politics of the Greens

Botswana threatens to send 20,000 elephants to Germany. She dislikes the politics of the Greens
Botswana threatens to send 20,000 elephants to Germany. She dislikes the politics of the Greens

The president of Botswana, Mokgweetsi Masis, does not take napkins in a brief interview, which is quoted by the German newspaper Bild. It is easy to sit in Berlin and take a look at the problems we will encounter here in Botswana. We have to pay an unreasonably high price for trying to protect these species, we do it for the whole world, he declared.

In Botswana alone, according to the latest statistics, there are about 130,000 elephants, local groups in recent years and their population and growing number of cases when wild animals come into conflict with people. There are no exceptions to damage to houses and shanty dwellings, and from a moment on, elephants in a panic attack even people. Eight thousand elephants were sold by the local conservationists after an agreement to neighboring Angola. He invited me to Mozambique.

Masis therefore came up with an elegant and rather aggressive way to deal with the whole situation. Opel will appoint Steffi Lemkeov as Minister of the Environment and Member of Parliament for the Zelench party. The president of Botswana invited her to Africa, where he will first take her around the long reservations and teach her about the problems that the elephant brings with it.

He even threatened to send twenty thousand elephants to Germany. We would like to give our elephants more space to live. If you love elephants so much, you’ll surely drink our hard offering, he declared, adding that he wasn’t kidding and wouldn’t take a refusal for an answer. He thus followed a similar plan to the United Kingdom, where, due to the same destruction in the middle of the summer, he wanted to export ten thousand majestic invitations, which, according to him, should be in Hyde Park.

Defenders call stand for Germany

According to Politico, the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs has not yet received an official invitation to Botswana. If that were to happen, we would gladly accept Minister Lemke’s invitation, the press department of the ministry said. For the minister, it is not surprising that the position of the protection organization is to invite in a fight with PETA. Hunting of endangered species is often considered a release by gods who have more money than morels. Germany is currently one of the largest importers of hunting trophies in the European Union.

The argument that the money that foreigners spend on hunting in Africa will help ordinary people in developing countries is also untenable. All the huge sums that amateur hunters spend on organized events do not end up in the hands of the poorest and do not go to the first national parks. It is also a rule that only the organizer of these hunts and the owner of special farms set aside for hunting go into the pockets, PETA representatives shared.

Botswana banned the hunting of elephants due to poaching in 2014, but after pressure from the population, it abolished this ban five years later. At the present time, ron is setting prices for hunting elephants. Pesto ron their poet will rise by approximately 6000 pieces. The land reserved 40 percent of its land for the wild.

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