He is not ready for Ukraine to conquer Crimea, said General Ediv in Rozstel

He is not ready for Ukraine to conquer Crimea, said General Ediv in Rozstel
He is not ready for Ukraine to conquer Crimea, said General Ediv in Rozstel

According to Monday’s release, the Ukrainian army repulsed the Russian flows on five six fronts at the entrance of the country. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi said last night that it was time to fight for Russian troops.

There is an attempt to make a decisive turn in Ukraine, but according to General Jiho Edivho, it is not yet clear whether the Ukrainian forces will be able to break through the second and third Russian lines. He sees the recent announcement that Ukraine is going to launch a strategic offensive in the south as a serious mistake. According to him, this gave Russia the opportunity to send the defense of the Khersonsk region.

The original intention of the Ukrainians to continue to Crimea is probably not true, the editorial said. According to him, the first phase of the invasion will end when Ukraine reaches the right course of the Dnieper, and the second phase could continue south.

Russia currently has approximately 60,000 newly recruited soldiers in its army corps, according to the EDIV. We don’t know much about the deaths of this congregation. They are newly recruited soldiers, ekl.

According to him, the Russians could launch a widespread offensive in the fall, which should eventually occupy the remaining Luhansk and Donsk regions. Wagner’s group, which is a Russian private army of German killers who have proven themselves more than once in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, should help them in this.

I think that some limited fighting is actually taking place around the power plant, but I don’t think that Rusov’s member would shield the nuclear power plant they are in, the editor-in-chief replied to the question of whether the statement that Rusov is shielding the Zporos nuclear power plant makes sense.

The assumption is that the disconnected Zporosk nuclear power plant served as a practice for the possible connection of the power plant to Russia. According to him, this could happen in November or December.

Whether Ukraine can recapture Crimea depends on how the entire strategic offensive will look like. If they are able to cross the Dnpr, they will be able to continue to Crimea, he said. However, for the Russians, the entry of Ukrainian troops into Crimea would mean an invasion of Russian land. There, I am afraid that the Russians will resort to other procedures, for example announcing mobilization, because the Russian homeland is under attack, she said.

According to edivho, Russia underestimated the extent of the invasion. Putin assumed that the Ukrainians would surrender and it would be something similar to 1968, he said. According to him, 200,000 soldiers is a lot, but they were deployed around the borders of Ukraine. The Russians showed laziness, underestimated the situation, from a military point of view it was very incomprehensible to us, he added.

According to him, the Russian army was used. When they found out that Kyiv was a lost customs route, they left and concentrated on the main customs, the Donka and Luhansk regions, they said.

Vladimir Putin has carried out a general reshuffle in the past few months, the commander, Minister of Defense Sergej Oigu, and the non-member of the General Staff, Valery Gerasimov, are not, according to the editor, those whom Putin could doubt. If they did their work before the wolf, then such a wolf would not be able to reach him, he added.

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