Gossip from the ZOO: A war veteran tripped in the forest for half a day


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Adam is full of Márty. He does not understand at all how it is possible that his hero has disappointed him so much. And how could he even run into him? To clear his head, he decided to go for a run.

Márty has other things to worry about than healing Adam’s broken heart. He is being harassed quite intensively by the executor Hrubý, to whom he owes a lot of money. Although he has repaid some of the money he took from Alice for the wedding, but because of the usurious interest, his debt is increasing every day. Rude is intrusive and uncompromising. He follows Márty and reminds him of his debt every day. He even threatened him with his partner, who is said to be very persuasive. Márty must have forgotten that he was an elite soldier, so of course he got scared.

Kamil and Dominika | Source: FTV Prima

It occurred to him that he should have Hrubé eliminated and get rid of him forever. He reached out to someone who owed him a favor and expressly wanted it to look like an accident. He arranged this murder-for-hire in the info center, where Julie overheard him. But she didn’t hear the whole conversation and was scared that Márty wanted to eliminate her and the local Columbo (Sid).

Sid and Julia are worried about Adam

The girls, who were again debating in the prep room while the boys from Anežka cleaned for them, suddenly came to a surprising conclusion. Adam hasn’t returned yet and isn’t answering the phone. Márty must have been talking on the phone about the liquidation of Adam!

Sid enlisted the help of Alena from security and they went to hit Márty. He has to confess what he did to Adam! Márty looked at the hysterical Sid like a mouse, and finally went to help with the search for Adam. He was sitting in the forest because he fell and his ankle hurt. How would he do it in war? Maybe he would find a strong branch like a stick, pull his leg with something and slowly set off on his way? But that would probably be too banal for a tough war veteran. And he must have broken his phone when he tripped because Sid couldn’t call him.

Dominika caught in the act

Charlie and Albert planned a covert operation to catch Dominika in the act. She took the drugged mayor’s cousin somewhere to an unfurnished apartment or hotel, where she tried to arrange the limp man so that in the morning she could claim that they had spent a passionate night together. This trick didn’t work for her twice, but Dominika apparently can’t think of anything else, so why not try it a third time.

However, Albert and Charlie caught her right in the act, although it wasn’t really clear what the point was. Dominika has not yet been able to bring a single event to a successful conclusion, so her image as an all-round businesswoman is long gone.

Sandra and Ed

At least the canteen has an interesting atmosphere now. An ambulance took Radek straight from work. Although it wasn’t a heart attack, he still had to stay in the hospital for a few days. So Sandra took over the canteen, and because the guys were nasty to her, she took Ed to help. He finally got a chance to spend a few days with Sandra, who he obviously likes. And it looks like their non-traditional menu will also be a success.

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