There is no future with Fic. Elites are leaving Slovakia, people are disappearing to Prague, write the British

There is no future with Fic. Elites are leaving Slovakia, people are disappearing to Prague, write the British
There is no future with Fic. Elites are leaving Slovakia, people are disappearing to Prague, write the British

The British paper spoke with Mark Mikie, a young artist who, after Robert Fico’s visit to Slovakia, decided to move to Prague first, although he never thought that he would have to leave his native Slovakia, where his friend lives.

He declares his country as closed, corrupt and not following the current of the liberal West. According to Fico, Slovakia is promoting Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to Hungary, for example, and Fico, like Orbán, pro-Russian propaganda and a desire to be independent of the media.

The elections were the last straw for me, Mikie The Guardian quotes. Yes, the Czech Republic is always ideal, but I would rather be here than at home.

Slc hate

So the 23-year-old Slovak student Jakub went to Prague for a month to start fulfilling his dream of becoming a pilot in the Czech airline company Smartwings. He must be tired of the corrupt business climate in Slovakia, of which Fico was elected only as a representative.

Vtina people in the bubble are completely frustrated by the election and at least thought about leaving. Slovak society has become uncomfortably polarized and there is a lot of aggression there, to Jakub. Aggression is a mindset of student hatred with intent against minorities, especially the LGBT+ community.

As an illustration, The Guardian cites a recent survey in which 55 percent of Slovaks said that they consider this movement to be an immoral and decadent ideology. Slovene government politicians only add fuel to the fire when they declare the movement, for example, a fascist ideology.

According to Tatiana Janrikov, who left Slovakia with her family last year, raising children in the current Slovak society is unthinkable. I can’t control whether my children become gay or trans, he explains. She didn’t go to Prague, she worked as an expert on strategic communication for the government. According to them, the current atmosphere in the country is absolutely unbearable.

Prague is liberal. It is normal to see two guys holding hands in public. That’s what I want to do for my children in a place that’s free and open, it means leaving.

Long-term blood of the Slovak elite

In a country with a population of 5.5 million, the youth of the elite is at the age of ten, according to The Guardian, referring to data from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. According to them, 20 percent of university students go abroad to study, while the EU average is only 3 percent. According to the president of the Policy Institute in Bratislava, Michal Vaeka, the increase in power increased after Fico took office. The young generation, according to him, went to Slovakia at nev.

Once they leave, you have nowhere to move. Consider the country a backwater, he explains. Their recipient is logically the culturally and linguistically close Czech Republic, or rather Prague, which is home to the true elite of Slovakia. According to Vaeka, there is a lively labor market and a tolerant society here in the Czech capital.

Exodus to Slovakia started not only with brains, but also with a chapter. Due to corruption and an unfriendly environment in the market area, for example, domestic companies HB Reavis, a real estate developer, the software company Eset, or the technological development Vacuumlabs have fallen into disrepair.

Thus, the Slovak security conference Globsec decided to move the venue to Prague this year, after the Fico company announced the withdrawal of state funds.

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