Prague 10 will allocate a million crowns to support charitable projects

Prague 10 will allocate a million crowns to support charitable projects
Prague 10 will allocate a million crowns to support charitable projects

The portfolio of projects – partnership for Ten is open to all active and productive people who want to improve life in the tenth city district. One million crowns is earmarked from the city district’s budget to support projects, while the maximum amount of subsidy per project can be up to fifty thousand crowns. The reservoir accepts applications from April 2 to 16, 2024. Spokesperson for Prague 10, Ján Bruno Tropp, informed about this.

You can apply to the Repository with any idea – whether it’s about making a public space cozy, a contribution to organizing a small social, sports or cultural event. Last year, 44 applications were submitted, three fewer met all the conditions and passed the evaluation. 32 projects eventually received support in the total amount of 785 thousand crowns.

“I expect a similar number of projects this year as well. The mission of this traditional and popular grant program is to bring fresh air to the public space. If you meet the conditions and your head is full of innovative ideas on how to make Desítka an even better place for life, culture and entertainment, now is your chance to shine,” urged Deputy Mayor Radek Lojda (TOP 09).

The more the stack is filled, the more interesting projects will receive support. The winners will be decided on May 31. “This form of competitive participation allows residents to customize their neighborhood exactly according to their ideas and needs. At the same time, it helps strengthen local community ties and builds on other participatory projects,” added Mayor Martin Valovič (ODS).

Applications can be submitted via the GRANTYS electronic application: and at the same time either by data box, handing it over to the post office or by postal service. You can find all the information on the Praha website.

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