Easter interpretation about corals, flights in a fighter jet are inappropriate


We will fight for pensioners to the bone. Valorization of pensions did not go well and pensioners were robbed. The opposition spoke and continues to speak similarly. There is nothing to be surprised about, as they mostly base their election campaigns on the elderly. It is certainly not out of the question to be somewhat more cautious in this regard. Many politicians traveled for the Easter holidays outside the republic, often to the sea. We could name, for example, the head of the ANO opposition movement, Andrej Babiš. There wouldn’t be anything too abnormal about that. But shooting videos in tropical paradises is not exactly ideal.

At least the coral video was informative

Andrej Babiš decided to educate the public and let them penetrate the mysterious world of marine animals. He visited a farm where corals are grown and then put back into the ocean. He showed coral rescue and many other issues. Quite a commendable rest. Much better than making Nutella videos or other nonsense. After all, the former finance minister Alena Schillerová could also have her say with her dances on TikTok.

Easter greetings from a tropical paradise

It wasn’t exactly ideal. Many users of social networks consider such bragging to be nonsense, and they are not surprised. Some wrote that the former prime minister is training for Survivor 2025. But that is really very exaggerated. The media rather speculated that Babiš’s wife, Monika, went to Rome in search of romance.

Other politicians also greeted

For example, President Pavel set off in a fighter jet to look at our country from above. Also quite expensive and in my opinion unnecessary thing. Such Tomio Okamura, for example, greeted on a social network while playing a board game. Nothing flashy. In any case, politicians should avoid ostentatiousness. If they are already going to the sea, then they definitely don’t have to present it everywhere.

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