The joint-stock company PragoData participates in the development of smart city technologies for the company SPEL


Commercial presentation Issued by: 04/03/2024, 11:02 am

Radek Podešva, chief IT architect, PragoData Česká Lípa branch

Radek Podešva, chief IT architect, PragoData Česká Lípa branch

Prague, April 3, 2024 (PROTEXT) – Business cooperation has been operating successfully for the second year and is ensured by the branch of developers and programmers in Česká Lípa. Development platforms under the name Smart4City have become an indispensable tool for effectively managing cities and municipalities. On April 16-19, SPEL will present its achievements at one of the most important trade fairs for mobility, transport infrastructure and management, Intertraffic Amsterdam.

“I consider the SPEL company to be one of the most important players in the implementation of automatic solutions for municipalities, especially in the area of ​​parking and security, whether it is residential parking, street parking or smart bus stops, up to camera occupancy detection. Our cooperation consists in the development of IT architecture, operation and security software for the successful implementation and evaluation of smart measures,” said project leader and chief IT architect of the development team in Česká Lípa Radek Podešva.

About PragoData

PragoData is a leading provider of solutions in the field of development, implementation and security of information systems. PragoData has become a trusted partner for a number of clients in the private and state sectors, such as Škoda Auto, the Ministry of Defense, CTU.

The company is based in Prague, and the software development division is located in a branch in Česká Lípa. PragoData also owns the subsidiary HAiDA spol. s ro, which is dedicated to supporting customers using the GORDIC GINIS software and is based in Nové Bor.

PragoData holds the highest security standards of the National Security Agency and the National Cyber ​​and Information Security Agency.

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