Unprovoked attack in the Prague subway: The aggressor brutally attacked passengers!

Unprovoked attack in the Prague subway: The aggressor brutally attacked passengers!
Unprovoked attack in the Prague subway: The aggressor brutally attacked passengers!
Source: Police of the Czech Republic

PRAGUE – The aggressor attacked people in the Prague metro for no reason! His aggressive behavior escalated when he first pushed one of the passengers away, elbowed him in the shoulder, and then began to verbally abuse others and even spat at one woman. The police are looking for other victims who could help clarify the entire case.

The incident took place at the beginning of March in the evening in the Prague metro, specifically at the Florenc station. The twenty-nine-year-old man insulted and attacked everyone around him for no reason, and his aggression continued to escalate. “He pushed one of the passengers in the transfer hall, elbowed him in the shoulder area and continued on to the platform. There he entered the arriving train going to Černý Most and inside he immediately began verbally and very rudely insulting the passengers and even spat on one woman,” announced police spokesman Richard Hrdina about the case.

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Subsequently, one of the passengers stood in the way of the aggressor and pushed him out of the train at Křižíkova station. He began to vent his aggression on the closed doors of the wagon, banging his fists on them and trying to kick them out. “At the moment when the subway left, he attacked another man, whom he kicked in the stomach, and then immediately attacked the second man, who received a blow to the face from the aggressor, which most likely caused him a bleeding injury,” explained Hrdina. Finally, he drove to the next station, where police officers were already waiting for him, who arrested him.

A twenty-nine-year-old man was charged with committing the crime of disorderly conduct in the second paragraph. If convicted, he faces up to three years in prison. However, to properly investigate the entire case, the detectives need to interview as many people as possible who were attacked by the aggressor. All victims are asked to report to the emergency line 158 and share information that could lead to the clarification of this case.

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