We will cook another double. The players of Slavia are inviting to the derby in Eden in an unusual way

We will cook another double. The players of Slavia are inviting to the derby in Eden in an unusual way
We will cook another double. The players of Slavia are inviting to the derby in Eden in an unusual way

For football and entertainment, the Slavists are also inviting to Eden through a campaign with the hashtag LetUsCook , i.e. Let us cook. “For me, it’s a great message to express what we can do. On and off the field,” says midfielder Kateřina Svitková.

“Many female players celebrate their goals or successful events with “cooking” gestures. We do it with the girls too. In the English Premier League, where I spent the last seasons, it is used a lot.”

Better run to the stove! Grab a wooden spoon! Traditional clichés associated with women in football boots have been taken with exaggeration, and in the campaign they show how they “cook” with gusto.

What’s more, if someone “cooked”, it means that they managed to master the given activity brilliantly and received recognition for it. Which, after all, is exactly what the Slavia footballers are proving.

In the last two years, they won the championship double, played twice in the main group of the Champions League, in the last time they took five points for a win and a draw against St. Pölten and for an unexpected 2:2 draw at Olympique Lyon.

“This year we are aiming for the 23rd title in the history of the Slavia women’s football team. More than a thousand people recently came to the derby in Měcholup. Our football is gaining more and more supporters and I firmly believe that a lot of them will come to Eden,” believes captain Diana Bartovičová.

Slavia wants to support the development of women’s sports in the Czech Republic with a new campaign. “It’s great that the girls got excited about the idea, got involved with gusto, and thanks to that, together with them we created the first campaign that doesn’t compare men’s and women’s football, but at least puts them on the same level in terms of communication,” explains Jakub Splavec, director of strategic communication club.

“Today, our soccer players are personalities, stars of their craft. That is also why they get their own space on carriers across the marketing spectrum. Outdoor, online, social networks, radio and media relations. For example, in the Premier League or the Bundesliga, these campaigns are quite common.”

Slávistky celebrate Khýrová’s goal in the derby.

The women’s derby will also offer a varied accompanying program, which is a regular part of the matches of the Slavia men’s team. The fan zone was already during the last derby in Měcholupy, where the Slavists drew with the Spartans 3:3. Then they beat Lokomotiva Brno 11:0 and Pardubice 10:0.

Now the league superstructure starts, when the table will be divided into a group for the title with the top four (Slavia, Sparta, Liberec, Slovácko) and for the rescue (Plzen, Lokomotiva Brno, Baník, Pardubice). Everyone plays with everyone, so we have two more derbies waiting for us. Slavia hosts the first, Sparta the second.

And already on Sunday, April 14, Sparta will face Slavia in the semi-finals of the home cup in Strahov. An early finale? Probably yes. The second pair consists of Liberec against Slovácko.

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