Suzuki has rejuvenated its most successful model: the second modernization of the Vitara, which is also very popular here, brings a finer design, fortunately the all-wheel drive remains


Given how unclear the automotive future will be in Europe, we are actually not surprised that the Japanese manufacturer Suzuki chose the path of a second facelift rather than developing a new-generation Vitara, which most likely would also have an electric drive.

In any case, the second modernization brings a redesigned front part, namely a different radiator grille, slanted lamps, more dynamically shaped fenders and a front bumper with plastic decor reminiscent of a protective frame.

You can choose between five single-color and five two-color versions of the paintwork, while the new one is dark blue metallic with a black roof and an all-over dark gray metallic color.

Photo: Suzuki

For example, the blue metallic body with a black roof is new.

In the interior, almost everything has remained the same (good), but an optional panoramic sunroof has been added, but the essential innovation is the 9-inch screen of the new infosystem, which offers both wireless and cable Apple CarPlay / Android Auto connectivity.

Another change is the Suzuki Connect smartphone app, which allows you to monitor the vehicle’s status, its location, glance at the travel history, turn on the warning lights, check the service interval or notify you that your vehicle has moved away from a predefined area. For example, when you lend the car to your adult children and tell them where they are (not) allowed to go, and they do it their way anyway.

Photo: Suzuki

The info system underwent a fundamental change in the interior.

The assistance systems have also been improved, which is why the second facelifted Vitara has a smarter monitor of what is happening in front of the car, which recognizes motorcyclists, pedestrians or cyclists in addition to cars and can also calculate if you are turning left and a car is coming towards you, whether your maneuver is still safe. If not, they can prevent a potential accident.

A camera that monitors the driver’s vigilance has been moved into the instrument panel. Furthermore, the vehicle received a better adaptive cruise control connected to the lane keeping system and traffic sign reading.


Photo: Suzuki

Suzuki has also improved some of the Vitara’s assistance systems.

Unfortunately, the mandatory and extremely annoying speed warning system has also been added. Suzuki states that when the system detects that the speed limit has been exceeded, it will first warn the driver visually, then also acoustically. So we hope that this “assistant” can be turned off as easily as, for example, in Tesla’s Model 3 or Mercedes E-Class. However, in the Swift, Suzuki has hidden the beeper shut-off very conscientiously.

Under the hood of the car, the hybrid units remained, namely a fully hybrid (HEV) petrol atmospheric fifteen-cylinder engine with a power of 102 hp and an electric motor capable of independently driving the car with a power of 33 hp, while the system power is then 115 hp and the combined consumption is 5.2 to 5 .8 liters per hundred.

Shifting in the fully hybrid unit is then ensured by a six-speed automated transmission, so it is de facto a manual controlled by a robot.


Photo: Suzuki

Drives? Only hybrids, but 4 × 4 remains.

The second choice is a 48-volt mild-hybrid turbocharged petrol fourteen-cylinder engine that boasts 129 horsepower and a combined consumption of 5.3 to 5.6 liters per hundred kilometers. Mild-hybrid cannot drive the car by itself, but it helps with engine start, acceleration or recuperation during deceleration. This engine is then mated to a six-speed manual.

For both variants, the proven four-wheel drive called All Grip by the automaker is also available, thanks to which drivers can use four-wheel driving modes – automatic, sports, snow and “lock” the 4 × 4 drive (thus turning the Vitara into a permanent four-wheel drive).

After the second facelift, the Suzuki Vitara will head to the European markets in the summer of this year, the equipment variants and prices are still being kept secret by the manufacturer. In any case, the car has retained practical controls and a still practical character, so we hope that its price will be acceptable, despite the inevitable electrification.

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