The biggest favorite to play Agent 007 doesn’t let life get in the way: Aaron Taylor-Johnson behaves like a real Bond



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Who will be the new James Bond? This is the question that burns all fans of the fictional British agent with a license to kill. And now they may know the answer. English actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson is to take over from Daniel Craig.

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James Bond is dead, long live James Bond

Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig. All these names took turns in the role of the world’s most famous agent. In 2021, we had the opportunity to watch the last installment of the Bond series called No Time to Die. Daniel Craig, who was considered together with Sean Connery as the best 007 agent this world has ever seen, ended up with this film, and that is probably no surprise.

Action movie star

But not all days are over. Agent 007 will come to life again and now he is to be Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who appeared, for example, in the 2006 film The Illusionist. He played the lead role three years later in the biographical drama Nowhere Boy. This was followed by a role in the 2010 comic adaptation of Kick-Ass, which marked a real turning point in his career. Last year we had the opportunity to see him again in the action film Bullet Train, in which he starred alongside Brad Pitt. It is therefore not an unknown person. Still, some fans were hoping that someone else would become the new James Bond. There were and are still more favorites.

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Daniel Craig is no longer James Bond, but he was one of the best

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Would Idris Elba be better?

Daniel Craig himself, so far the last James Bond, after fifteen years in a tuxedo and with a Bond girl by his side, announced that he is retiring from this role. Since then, the speculation about the new Bond has not stopped. It was said that Idris Elba, who everyone knows mainly thanks to the series Luther, was supposed to become him. However, this was not a correct guess, even though the actor Mat Damon, for example, was a big fan of him. “I think he’s great. I’ll watch him in anything he’s in. He would definitely make this franchise better,” he once stated.

They are too old to sign up for 15 years

Another tip was Tom Hardy, star of action movies and Marvel movies. He was reportedly offered the role of James Bond in 2015, but the actor himself always claimed that he had heard nothing about these rumors at all. Luke Evans, who starred in The Hobbit or Beauty and the Beast, was also reportedly approached for the role of James Bond. However, he let it be known that when James Bond is cast, he will be too old for the role. Many other actors were discussed who would be suitable for the role of secret agent 0007, among them Regé-Jean Page, who became famous thanks to the series Bridgerton, or Richard Madden. However, both of them only entertained the rumors and did not take them too seriously.

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The signing of the contract is said to be imminent

But Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s name is taken seriously, even among ex-Bonds. For example, Pierce Brosnan said about him: “Excellent choice. He has talent and charisma.” However, Aaron himself did not comment on the possibility of playing James Bond, rather he stated: “I don’t feel that I need someone to dictate my future.” commit the next 10 to 15 years to the role of the famous James Bond. Other sources denied it, so we have to be surprised who the producers of the iconic brand will come up with. Maybe they don’t even have the right name yet. But the whole world is leaning towards the fact that Aaron Taylor-Johnson will be the new James Bond. The question is whether he will actually nod to the offer, which he probably already received. And which is probably the envy of all his acting colleagues.

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