Bruce Willis’s wife: My love for him keeps growing, he is fighting the disease bravely


He an action hero, she a model and actress. Twenty-three years separated them, yet they fell in love at first sight. They got married, started a family. Bruce Willis and Emma Heming Willis have been a loving couple since 2007. Ten years after their wedding, they renewed their wedding vows and the last few years are proof that they love each other in health and in sickness.

Bruce Willis and Emma Heming Willis recently celebrated their 15th anniversary.

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Bruce Willis he was long considered a great lover of women and never lacked their presence. For thirteen years, he formed one of Hollywood’s most famous pairs with an actress Demi Moore, with whom he fathered three daughters during that time: Rumer, Scout and Tallulah. But he really settled down next to his current wife Emma Heming Willis.

First date and it was clear

Their paths crossed in 2007 at a gym in Los Angeles, they had the same trainer. From the first meeting, they felt a strong sympathy.

“I was surprised by how charming, funny and extremely handsome he is,” Emma recalled for People magazine, which immediately attracted her when she met the actor. Bruce only added that he was already in love with her. The first date confirmed that they both have the right person next to them.

Bruce Willis’ Wife Shares Her Daily Emotional Struggle:

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Sometimes it just doesn’t take much time to gain confidence. They felt that way. “I’ve spent the last ten years single and largely unhappy. With Emma, ​​my life has been happier by the day,” the actor, who took his love on a date the day before she was set to move back to New York, enthused. And then they fell madly in love.

They wasted no time

Their relationship was on the upswing, they were sure, so why waste time? In 2009, they officially confirmed their love by getting married in the tropical Turks and Caicos Islands, where the actor owns real estate. Since it was a foreign wedding, they confirmed it six days later with a civil ceremony in Beverly Hills to make it legally valid in the United States.

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Shortly after, they made their red carpet debut as husband and wife at the Met Gala. The theme of that year was Model as muse. How typical of these two. In April 2012, they welcomed their first joint daughter, Mabel, into the world, and two years later, the second girl, Evelyn, appeared. In short, Bruce Willis can only produce beautiful women.

Recipe for happiness

From the moment they met, their journey seemed almost like a fairy tale. They found marital happiness thanks to a few simple things that are often easy to overlook. Emma revealed that Bruce makes her laugh all the time, then it is said that it is easier to solve all the problems. Equally important is that they prefer each other and go on dates at least once a week. They constantly support each other and respect each other, which has helped them build a great foundation.

Bruce Willis has never been afraid to admit that he often goes to his wife for advice, she is even smarter than him! There were definitely times when the two would rather kill each other, but that’s marriage too. Ups and downs. Still like two teenagers in love, they did not hesitate and in March 2019, on the tenth anniversary of their wedding, they renewed their prenuptial vows. And in the same place where they got married.

The disease took a lot from them

They had no idea at the time that they had done well. The real test was yet to come. Soon after, Bruce’s doctors diagnosed him with aphasia, and in 2022 the family shared this information publicly, saying that the actor was retiring because the disease limited his cognitive abilities. Emma went from being a loving wife to a caregiver to take care of her husband.

In February 2023, the family revealed that Willis’ disease had progressed and the actor was now suffering from frontotemporal dementia, a neurodegenerative disease that affects how people behave, interact with others and how they speak. The heartbreaking end of a great acting legend!

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Emma can’t deny that she’s overcome with grief every day while keeping the family going – despite the difficult diagnosis – and admits that it’s all taken a toll on her mental and overall health. Willis’ disease is progressing so much that he no longer recognizes his ex-wife Demi Moore. The whole family appreciates the time they spend together all the more. And Emma? “Sixteen years with this extraordinary man. My love and admiration for him only grows,” he admits. She is still in love.

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