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The spin-off of the film of the same name and appreciated by the audience from the director of the films Sbal prachy a vypadni (1998) or Podfu(c)k (2000) tries to preserve the pleasant atmosphere, humor and tone of the feature film in eight episodes.

Guy Ritchie, who himself directed the first two episodes of the series, definitely made his mark in the final product, but the film format still suits him a little better. Clear concessions are evident in Gentlemen, but it is still a quality spectacle.

The story follows the story of Eddie Horniman (Theo James), a soldier who unexpectedly inherits the entire family estate and property after the death of his father. Although he is the second-born son, the unassailable will of the deceased speaks clearly, and Eddie unexpectedly finds himself in the center of attention of the whole family.

The comedy Ubal and disappear was inspired by the famous director Guy Ritchie


At first, the Duke faces only his idle and debauched older brother Freddy (Daniel Ings), who is in debt everywhere he looks, but soon also the entire British criminal underworld.

Drug lord Mickey Pearson played by Ray Winstone and his daughter Susie Glass (Kaya Scodelari) make things difficult for Eddie and lead him very quickly into the world of crime.

The character of Susie and her relationship with Eddie are central to the course of the entire first season, when the viewer is anxiously waiting for their romantic rapprochement. And it is Pearson, her father, who connects the series with the previous film, in which the younger Mickey (Matthew McConaughey) tries to sell his drug empire to a group of billionaires.

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Theo James (known from the White Lotus and Sanditon series) has given a gentlemanly performance throughout the series, fueling speculation that he could become the next James Bond in the future, according to fans. According to information from the last few days, it doesn’t look like that.

The character of Eddie is portrayed as a character who gradually gets a taste for life on the edge of the law. However, his motivation and gradual transformation are not portrayed well enough, and the viewer does not feel a very strong bond with the main character, which is not the fault of his representative, but rather the creators themselves.


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The main female character Susie represents an elegant and strong woman in every situation, who can not only survive but also thrive in the underworld. Although at the beginning it may seem that Susie has everything under her thumb, over time she also shows her more vulnerable and human side. Actress Kaya Scodelariová is said to have thoroughly enjoyed her role.

She is rarely lucky enough to play a powerful female character at the top, because she usually portrays girls or women who are still looking for their way in life.

Like the original film, the sometimes bizarre story of the series is told in a playful way, where Ritchie’s typical action style and characteristic sense of humor are brought to the fore. It’s the fast-paced, action-packed moments that are the key elements that fans appreciate about the series, although the series could do with a lot more.

Criticism faces the insufficiently presented characters and stories of the characters, long passages and downtimes when nothing much happens, which somehow belongs to the current serial production.


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It is definitely worth noting not only the visual and musical side and the funny dialogues, but also the interesting acting performances of many secondary, slightly eccentric characters, for whom it is a great pity that they were not given a little more space. The series definitely has an atmosphere similar to the movie, but some of the episodes drag on at a slower pace and could have been cut out a little more.

While some aspects of the series can feel repetitive and predictable over time, overall the series offers a fresh experience that expands Ritchie’s film world.

The dynamic interaction between the characters, the extreme characters and the visual style are just some of the elements that make this series a title suitable for fans of gangster stories, but also for those who put up with a well-written action comedy.


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Sample from the series Gentlemen

Gentlemen became a hit on Netflix immediately after its release, which proves Ritchie’s ability to maintain a high quality of storytelling even in series form, although the series wouldn’t hurt to be shortened by an episode or two.

The series sufficiently combined tension, humor and action scenes to win the hearts of viewers all over the world within a few days, thus confirming its place among the most anticipated titles of the platform. So the second series is definitely on the agenda.

The Gentlemen
Genre: action crime comedy
Screenplay: Guy Ritchie, Matthew Read, Haleema Mirza, Stuart Carolan and others
Directed by: Guy Ritchie, David Caffrey, Eran Creevy, Nima Nourizadeh
Starring: Theo James, Kaya Scodelari, Vinnie Jones, Joely Richardson, Daniel Ings, Giancarlo Esposito, Peter Serafinowicz, Guy Robbins, Ray Winstone and more
Rating: 78%

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