Blizzard isn’t opposed to another Warcraft movie, but it doesn’t want to play the filmmakers


About the possible creation of another film (review of the first Warcraft film) sometime in the future, John Hight, editor of the Warcraft characters, spoke at the new Game Developers Conference event. Although the idea of ​​a new film is interesting, in the second breath he says that the core of Blizzard is the creation of games and that is where he wants to focus.

I don’t want to fall into the trap of being the type to film you. I think I’ll leave it to people who really understand what they’re doing, he told the IGN portal.

If we can find a talented creator in other fields who shares the love and passion for Warcraft, then sure. But I think I’ve seen how some of my colleagues have been charmed by the idea of ​​becoming filmmakers and removing the complexity that IP ownership or IP control gives them to enter filmmaking, he added.

In the name of a brand whose core has been the MMORPG World of Warcraft for many years, help sustain the card game Hearthstone and last year’s mobile action strategy game Warcraft Rumble.

It is clear that Blizzard, or rather Microsoft, is not trying to follow the path of Nintendo, which scored last year with the animated film Super Mario Bros. in the movie. At that time, the creators gave the film to the fans, and if the professional critics didn’t understand it, it didn’t matter much to them. People went to the cinema in large numbers, the film raised the awareness of Mario, the Switch console, and the region was covered.

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