Easter hunt for sinners in Prague: A drunk driving in the opposite direction and a record holder with 3.6 per mile behind the wheel!


During the Easter weekend in Prague, police officers organized a number of traffic safety events, focusing on offenses behind the wheel. “During the Easter weekend, the police dealt with almost 70 drivers who exceeded the maximum speed limit, and also dealt with several drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs,” said police spokeswoman Eva Kropáčová.

They also managed a literally record breaking feat. “Police officers caught a record holder who breathed almost 3.6 parts per million in his breath, in Prague 3,” said the spokeswoman. They also experienced drama on duty on Friday – one of the drivers reported to line 158 that a car was driving in the opposite direction in K Barrandovu Street. “The officers from the traffic police were on the scene within a few minutes and stopped the driver. An indicative breath test showed almost three per million in breath. It is a two-lane road and it was only by chance that there was no traffic accident where hundreds of vehicles pass by in a few minutes,” she said, adding that the man was arrested on the spot and ended up at the police station.

Police officers also assisted with fires over Easter and searched for perpetrators of criminal activity.

Checks on the Easter weekend in Prague.

Author: Blesk:David Malík

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