Athletes from Olomouc became Sigma football players and a young world champion in canoeing

Athletes from Olomouc became Sigma football players and a young world champion in canoeing
Athletes from Olomouc became Sigma football players and a young world champion in canoeing

“Last year was successful, I hope that I will do well in the new season as well, because there are never enough medals – and above all gold ones -,” multiple world champion Salaj, VS Litovel canoeist, planned with a laugh while accepting the award.

The Sigma football players earned the main prize among the teams for the sixth place in the last season of the highest football league.

“Believe that we are very happy with each of your successes and we are pleased that we can also thank you with this survey for the experiences you bring us, as well as for representing our region,” said Deputy Mayor Miroslava Ferancová during the ceremony in the ceremonial hall of the Olomouc Town Hall , which is responsible for the field of sports.

In the junior categories, canoeist Klára Kneblová and the Aerobic team of the Olomouc club were successful, and ice hockey player Jakub Sirota was declared the discovery of the year. Jiří Kratochvíl, who has been preparing successful Olomouc canoeists for a long time, received the award for coach of the year.

The prize was also won by shooters, hockey players, and personalities in athletics and fencing

The prizes for disabled athletes were largely won by SK TPS Olomouc shooters – Tomáš Pešek won the individual category, Vladimír Marčan was named the best coach. The only exception was the sub-category of teams, in which the first place was taken by the SOHO Olomouctí Kohouti para hockey team.

An extraordinary award also went to the hockey environment, Jiří Ondrušek, who played his thousandth game in the HC Olomouc jersey last season, became its holder. He thus experienced procedures from the second and first league up to the highest competition.

“A lot of things have to come together to reach such a number. Above all, you must avoid major injuries that will disable you for a long time. The fact that I played so many seasons in one jersey is also due to the fact that I don’t like to move. Home is home,” commented Ondrušek.

Sports personalities of the region also received awards. This year’s laureates were Hana Válková, Václav Dostalík and Alois Lajčík, recognized authorities of Olomouc athletics, which last year celebrated 90 years since the club was founded.

The Drahoš Válk award was then won by sports fencer Jiří Douba, participant of the Olympic Games in Moscow and Barcelona, ​​current corduroy coach and chairman of TJ Dukla Olomouc.

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