The aggressor was attacking people in the subway. He spat at the passengers, beat them and kicked the car


/VIDEO/ At first he insulted the passengers, then he started physically attacking them. The rioter has already been arrested by the Prague criminal police and they are now looking for other victims. His aggressive behavior was caught on security cameras.

The incident took place in early March. At the Florenc metro station, a thirty-nine-year-old man began insulting and attacking everyone around him for no reason, his aggression quickly escalated.

“He pushed one of the passengers in the transfer hall, elbowed him in the shoulder area and continued on to the platform. There he entered an arriving train going to Černý Most and inside he immediately began verbally, very rudely insulting the passengers and even spat on one woman. An unknown passenger stood up for the woman and pushed the aggressor out of the train at the Křižíkova station, and he began to vent his aggression on the closed doors of the carriage, banging his fist on them and trying to kick them out,” police spokesman Richard Hrdina described the man’s behavior.

The moment the subway left, the rioter started attacking other passengers. He kicked one man in the stomach and punched another in the face, causing what was most likely a bleeding wound.

The attacker then boarded the arriving subway train and drove to the next station, where policemen were already waiting for him and arrested him.

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“Criminal officers accused the twenty-nine-year-old man of committing the crime of disorderly conduct in the second paragraph, for which he faces up to three years behind bars if convicted. But to properly clarify the whole case, the detectives need to interview as many people as possible who were attacked by the attacker, so they are asking the general public for help,” Hrdina added.

In connection with the investigation, the police are asking all those attacked to report to the emergency line 158 and would also welcome any information that would lead them to the victims.


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