Electricity in the coming years: how will its price develop?

Electricity in the coming years: how will its price develop?
Electricity in the coming years: how will its price develop?

Short term prediction

The falling price could last at least a little longer few monthsprovided, of course, that there is no unexpected circumstances, which could fundamentally affect the price. However, the reduction in the price of electricity per kWh cannot be expected to be dramatic. The contracts that are concluded at the moment are priced around 3000 crowns without VAT per MWh, however, it must be added that most households still pay more and this disparity is likely to equalize in approximately a year to a year and a half. It is now therefore time, conditions permitting, consider a new contract with a one- to two-year fixation.

Long term prediction

Unfortunately, it cannot be said that the development of electricity prices will be particularly favorable in the following years. Of course, it is difficult in today’s context and especially with the ignorance of what will happen in the future to estimate trends in the horizon of the next ten years, but it can be expected that the price of electricity, but also the price of gas rather they will grow.

Expected price growth will probably also have a say economic growthwhich usually leads to higher consumption. Naturally, hand in hand with that also comes hand in hand price increase. Domestic and international political trends will also be important, especially because the Chamber of Deputies, the Senate and the European Parliament will have an influence on Europe’s approach to Russia and its gas or to a generally very controversial document Green Deal.

The end of coal-fired power plants will also affect the price

There is no doubt that it will also have a major impact on the price of electricity termination of operation of coal-fired power plants, which is a very desirable trend from an ecological point of view. Within six years or so, their operation should begin to be limited to a minimum and from 2033 should stop completely. This means that this resource will be needed replace. And today there is no other way than gas, which will lead to increasing its consumption and thus at the same time to increasing its price. The only question remains is when it will start, the first operators of coal-fired power plants are already talking openly about their closure.

Anything can happen

It is important to mention that the price of anything is not easily estimated, because similar to covid or the war in Ukraine, the events were extremely unpredictable, and another similar event may occur in the future, or these and other events may escalate, which in the short and medium term may lead to extreme increase (but potentially also reducing) prices, either electricity or gas.

How to save energy?

However, the solution to high prices may be in the finale easier than it seems. Even if energy prices rise, you may be able to save just a little by changing supplier. The differences in prices are sometimes literal abysmal. If you too feel like you could definitely pay less, you can simply compare prices and see how much you could save right now.


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