Russia fired five hypersonic Zircon missiles at Kiev, Ukraine claims


Since the beginning of the year, the Ukrainian metropolis of Kyiv has faced more than 180 Russian rocket and drone attacks, the Kyiv military administration said today in an overview published on the Telegram platform. At the same time, the Russian forces deployed the new hypersonic missile Cirkon (Zirkon). In Kharkiv, in eastern Ukraine, Russian shelling has already destroyed practically all critical energy infrastructure, the mayor of the city, Ihor Terechov, told the Ukrainian portal in an interview published today.

Recently, Kiev has again been the target of more extensive airstrikes. Russia has sent 116 cruise missiles, 48 ​​drones and at least 12 Kinzhal and Iskander ballistic missiles at the city since the beginning of the year, Kyiv’s military administration calculated. In five cases, according to her, the Russians attacked the metropolis with Cirkon supersonic missiles.

According to earlier statements by the Russian military, Cirkon anti-ship missiles are capable of reaching up to nine times the speed of sound and can hit sea and land targets at a range of 600 to 1,500 kilometers. The missile carries a warhead weighing 300 to 400 kilograms. Russia has had it in its arsenal since last January.

In Kharkiv, according to the local mayor, Russian airstrikes destroyed all substations and also the thermal power plant. During a massive attack on energy infrastructure on March 22, Russian forces launched over 20 missiles at Kharkiv’s energy facilities, causing a widespread blackout in the city. “Together with the energy industry, we managed to achieve a miracle. By the evening of the following day, electricity started to be restored in households,” Terechov said, adding that the city had to end the heating season prematurely and a system of controlled power outages is in place.

Russia conducts daily airstrikes against Ukraine. However, the night of today was relatively calm compared to previous weeks, when Russia escalated attacks on energy infrastructure, Reuters noted. The Ukrainian military said Russia attacked Ukraine overnight with three drones, two of which were shot down by air defenses. However, the Ministry of Energy reported damage to an electrical substation in the Zaporozhye region after a drone attack.

On the night of today, Russian shelling also damaged the building of a fire station in the Kharkiv region, according to the Russian version of the BBC, the Ukrainian State Emergency Service reported. None of the firefighters were injured in the incident.

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