Finally! Olomouc floorball players advance to the coveted National League


The dream came true. In front of Olomouc was the fifth and decisive duel of the third round of the play-offs against the Hornets from Brno’s Bohunice. And the Hanáci managed it successfully, even though the duel did not develop in the best way from the beginning. After years of effort, the FBS Olomouc men’s team is finally moving up a level to the National League this year.

Floorball: FBS Olomouc vs. Hornets Brno

| Photo: Michal Struž/FBS Olomouc

The match did not go well from the start. The opponent flew into him like lightning, goalkeeper Antoniazi credited himself with the first saves already within the first minutes. Olomouc also tried to come up with some actions, but could not overcome the opponent’s goalkeeper. But that did not apply to the Hornets, as they took the lead in the tenth minute. And just three minutes and four seconds later, they were leading 2-0. Goals could have been added from other events, but luckily that didn’t happen and the third period ended with the result 0:2.

In the second phase, however, the Hanáci flew in a completely different way, and already in the 23rd minute, Tomáš Štrbák was able to clear the gallows of the opponent’s goal from the blue line with laser precision. And before the duel moved into the second half, Igor Macháček also made his mark, beating the opponent’s goalkeeper with a shot into the space above his feet. Before the break, we saw a number of other chances on both sides, but the score remained 2:2.

And so the last 20-minute episode promised extreme drama, which in the end came just like that. Brno once again managed to seize the lead for their side, in the 46th minute. Six minutes later, however, Vít Friedl sent a cannonball from the half and equalized again. Exactly a minute and a half later, Bohdan Kopelec gave Hanáky the lead for the first time in the match with a shot from the wide goal area. Olomouc turned the match 4:3 and that result lasted until the final whistle.

That nothing will be lost in Písek? We are still playing for first place, says the Olomouc coach

After him, an incredible euphoria broke out on the deck, the deck was flooded with splashing champagne. After years of trying, it finally came out this year! Olomouc won the regular part of Division E, in which they dominated, in the shortest possible time they coped with Vysoký Mýt in the second round of the play-off and also managed the nerve-wracking third and final round, which lasted until the fifth match. This year’s season was really successful for the men, the next one will take place one floor higher, in the National League!

Text: FBS Olomouc

FBS Olomouc – Hornets Brno ZŠ Horní 4:3 (0:2, 2:0, 2:1)

Goals: 23. Štrbák, 29. Macháček, 52. Friedl, 54. Kopelec – 10. Zapletal, 14. and 46. Drápal.

Referee: Hail – Chovanec. Without exception. Spectators: 340.


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